Design that Progresses

CHERY’s design concept is to combine the spirit and dynamic water flow body shape, reflecting the natural mechanism and appeal of the streamlined new generation 2.0 HDS (Hydro-Dynamic Surfacing). HDS styling defines the concept of vividness and caters to young users, as well as those forward-thinking users.

Experience Innovative


In a world where the rhythm of life is heightened and forward-looking, CHERY is relentlessly offering state-of-the-art technology in its model line-up. From large infotainment display, electronic gear shift, wireless mobile chargers, ambient lighting, panoramic sunroof, advanced safety features, power sears, and bi-zone air-conditioning system, CHERY is proud to bring value-packed and fully loaded crossovers to the Philippines

Fit for your


CHERY’s dynamic design, advanced features, and state-of-the-art technology are all put together to match the diverse lifestyle of its consumers. From the go-getters to family-oriented, to career-driven individuals, CHERY makes sure that there is a CHERY model fit for someone’s lifestyle and individuality.