2021 Chery Tiggo 8: An Epic Come-Back by Auto Haven PH


Positioned as a family SUV, the new Tiggo 8 has a super-long wheelbase of 2710mm, with a flexible layout of 5 + 2 seats, a unique second row of seats sliding back and forth, and a spacious 1,930L trunk that caters to the high demand for family-use vehicles in the Philippine market.




The Chery Tiggo 8 pools advantages endowed by international platform T1X, expressing Chery’s latest auto-making philosophy while showcasing the company’s highest manufacturing capabilities so far. It has also received a five-star safety rating from the China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP).

The Tiggo 8 carries on the Tiggo family signature designs such as H.D.S water flow body line, tiger-crouching front and tiger-eye lamps, while bearing the distinct international character and touch of the lead designer Kevin Rice, former BMW designer (The so-called tiger-face refers to a squatted tiger.

As for this “tiger” face, it is a matter of opinion). As the new flagship model of the Tiggo family, Chery Tiggo 8 was born in the T1X platform, which is fully developed with Jaguar Land Rover technology. It is equipped with an intelligent vehicle system based on the “Chery Lion” technology platform. It is the latest flagship model of the Chery brand. equipped with full-LED matrix headlamps with automatic function. The high trim level model also has an adaptive high beam, while the base model is a halogen light source.

The rear end is typical boxy shaped, giving it a traditional SUV look, and its sleek taillights are exceptional in appearance. The design of taillights is inspired-by Chinese culture the-wooden pane in old Chinese architecture. The eighteen inches alloy wheels are designed in an artistic way giving Tiggo 8 more dignity.



The interior end of Cherry Tiggo 8 is known for its spacious cabin and cutting-edge technology. The T1X platform gives more headroom at front and rear and ensures better off-road performance.

The interior design looks as though it was stitched together from Mercedes, BMW and Land Rover. I’m not saying thats a bad thing but Dr. Frankenstein would be very proud, it looks and feels luxurious, many soft materials are used which is great.

The center console is equipped with a 10.25-inch floating LCD screen which supports AppleCar Play and Android Auto. The air conditioning control panel. Is this design a bit familiar and looks like Land Rover Velar? However, the Velar is a color touch LCD screen,

Tiggo 8 is a single touch plus a small monochrome LCD screen. The driver’s seat is six-ways electronically adjustable, and the H-type design further corporate in reducing the fatigue during driving. The front centre armrest provides comfortable arm support to drivers and passengers. The panoramic sunroof enables you to enjoy the blue sky and let the fresh air enter the cabin.

Although the wheelbase is only 2710 mm, the room in the back row is not bad. Both the legs and the head room are abundant. The storage capacity of the trunk is large, it is more than enough for a family to travel long distances. In addition, there is reserved space near the rear D-pillar, the 6-seat or 7-seat versions are available. The comfort of the rear seats is equivalent to that of the front row. It supports multi-angle adjustment and 40/60 split folding, trunk floor will be flat after folded down



The 1.5 litre 16 valve engine produces a maximum power of 155 hp and 230 NM of torque, paired with 6-speed dual-clutch transmission, which i have to say is quite the slacker when in stop and go traffic but once you get going, it delivers smooth power.

When talking about the driving performance of Tiggo 8, then it’s not bad or too good. It only has 2 driving modes but if you want to run the Tiggo 8 at its best, switch to Sport mode and that will help it drive even in muddy tracks. The ample power and torque of the Tiggo 8 are good enough to run the front wheels efficiently, but its transmission cannot be considered the sharpest. If you don’t want a sporty drive, then it is recommended to drive it in Eco mode for daily use when you don’t want an immediate response to move on.


The improved suspension of the Tiggo 8 enables more precise steering control, good tracking, and high reliability. The handling of this seven-seater is fair, and its steering response is also light, letting you turn and place the car around twists and corners easily.


When talking about the fuel economy, then Tiggo 8 considered being average again as it gives you 10 kilometres per litre in the city and fifteen kilometres per litre on highways. The latest technologies in Tiggo 8 make it even comfortable and safe ride. The features it has are advanced electronic control technology replaces the traditional hand brake concept in vehicles that avoids unexpected accidents when you don’t remember to pull or release the hand brake. The six airbags introduced in Tiggo 8 make the ride safer as it works in conjunction with seat belts and provides maximum protection against collisions.



The outstanding performance and product power of Cherry Tiggo 8 made it the Best Entry-Level Medium and Large SUV in China for the year of 2020 and 2021. The 2020 to 2021 Cherry Tiggo 8 continued to give its customers more SPACE, more COMFORT and SUPERIOR POWER due to which its sales are going well.

With easy ownership deals such as a 10 year or 1 Million Engine Warranty, 5 Years bumper to bumper warranty And 3 Years preventive maintenance service FREE yes, FREE! Chery has got this in the bag, literally no other manufacturer offers that same confidence. With the safety and technology Chery brings, specially the remote-smart watch, which controls lock/unlock, windows, tailgate and the engine which i absolutely love, I strongly believed that Chery will further grow in market reputation and sales as long as it continues to be rooted in customers and meet customer needs.


Price: Chery Tiggo 8 Luxury AT Php 1,280,000


Chery Tiggo 8 Luxury EX at Php 1,340,000


Source: 2021, February 4. 2021 Chery Tiggo 8: An Epic Come-Back. Retrieved from autohavenph.wixsite.com. Authored by James Tagle.

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