Chery Auto Global braves the pandemic with 730,000 units sold in 2020 by C! Magazine Staff

Despite the global pandemic of 2020, Chery Auto Global managed to churn out a good number of vehicles for the year. More specifically, the leading Chinese automaker in terms of exports sold some 730,000 units.

Since March of this year when the global pandemic started, Chery vehicle sales steadily rose leading up to December, when figures peaked at 115,000 units. By the same token, the last three months of the year saw Chery Auto sales grew by around 28 percent compared to the same period in 2019.

Leading the way was the midsize Tiggo 8 crossover. This was followed by the Tiggo 5x, and the Tiggo 7. Apart from these, other models like the all electric Arizo 5e that likewise gives owners zero emissions motoring at a friendly price was a sales mover for the marque.

With this, Chery Auto Global and its local distributor Chery Auto Philippines are optimistic that 2021 will be much better for the company and everyone else in the industry.


Source: 2021, January 29. Chery Auto Global braves the pandemic with 730,000 units sold in 2020. Retrieved from Authored by C! Magazine Staff.

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