Chery unveils multi-function Smartwatch Key

It’s on your wrist.

It’s the Philippine car industry’s first-ever wearable device—a smartwatch that syncs to your car. Much like how modern smartwatches wirelessly syncs with your smartphone, the Chery Smartwatch Key connects with Chery’s top-of-the-line crossover model, the Tiggo 8.

The Chery Smartwatch Key, which resembles a sleek fitness band, has a rubber strap and a digital display that, aside from showing the time and date, offers seven other main functions that control various functions of the car remotely:

1. locks and unlocks the car

2. enables remote engine start/stop

3. opens and closes car windows

4. allows remote trunk opening

5. gives incoming call reminders

6. sets audible/vibrate alarms

7. monitors heart rate

The Chery smartwatch key offers Passive Entry, which allows you to lock and unlock the door using the Chery smartwatch. Its Passive Start allows the wearer to start and stop the engine from the smartwatch’s display. This function can also turn the aircon on to cool the cabin before entering the vehicle on a hot day.

Passive Window Control, meanwhile, allows the Chery Smartwatch Key user to remotely open the windows to ventilate the cabin or to remotely close them for security. To remotely access the cargo area, a long press on the Trunk Open icon will open the tailgate for greater convenience.

The Chery Smartwatch Key also serves as a highly capable fitness tracker. It recognizes your body’s movements automatically, and lets you view your whole-day sports record as well as reports for weekly, monthly, and yearly records via downloadable Chery sports app. It also has 24hour/365-day heart rate monitoring with graphical representations as well as sports target setting and target achievement reminder. It even has a sedentary reminder and a calorie consumption recorder.

Chery Smart Key Watch

The Chery Smartwatch Key even helps you sleep better by recording sleep quality as well as time of deep sleep and light sleep and also generating graphical representations for easier reading and comparisons.

At 3ATM (30 meters), it is also water splash resistant.

But that’s not all. Aside from controlling the Chery Tiggo 8’s various operations and functioning as a fitness tracker, the motion-activated Chery Smartwatch Key serves as a very useful productivity tool when synced with your Apple or Android smartphone.

The Chery Smartwatch Key offers a Message Reminder, pushing your phone calls and messages, and also allows you to answer and reject calls from your wrist.

It also supports multi-lingual use, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic. It even has a low-power mode to extend battery life and a Find Your Phone function that helps you look for misplaced phones. Like most smartphones and fitness trackers, operating system (OS) upgrades are available over the air (OTA).

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