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China has been the world’s largest automobile market for 12 consecutive years, and several brands have emerged in China’s automotive industry, among which Chery considers itself as one of the best.

With the automotive industry facing challenges surrounding CASE or Connected, Autonomous, Sharing, and Electrification, Chery has leveraged its vast R&D base to take large strides in independently advancing their engine, transmission, and platform technologies.
As the earliest leader in Chinese auto brands, Chery pioneered research and development in the fields of engine, automatic transmission, chassis, engine management system (EMS), and platform technologies.
In terms of engines, Chery has gone through three generations of engines, and developed more than 20, six of which have won the title of “Top Ten Engines” in China.
In terms of transmissions, Chery began exploring the independent development of CVT technology as early as 2003, and succeeded as it was put into production in 2010. Three years later, Chery has filled the gap for high-end automatic transmissions with this independently developed CVT, which won the first prize at the China Automotive Industry Awards for Science and Technology.
In terms of platform technologies, Chery is also the first Chinese automobile brand to build its down automobile platforms. All of Chery’s existing products are developed on the basis of its four product platforms: T1X, M1X, M3X, and the new energy platform. This enables them to put high quality products to market at a faster rate.
As the first automobile brand in China to “go global”, Chery has paid attention not just to develop its Chinese base, but the international market as well.
Chery has been listed among the “Top 20 Chinese Enterprises with the Best Global Image” five times, and has established four R&D centers, ten production bases and more than 1,500 sales and service outlets overseas.
At present, Chery is accelerating its global market strategy, including building a globally-integrated R&D system and sales service system. In fact, two R&D centers—one in Europe and one in North America have been put into operation, with the latter focused on developing autonomous driving technologies.
In the future, Chery will further integrate its R&D team, and will introduce global product development processes to further enhance its ability to participate in the global stage.
Source: 2021, March 9. Copy-and-Paste No More: Chery Has Successfully Developed Its Own Engines, Transmissions, and Platforms. Retrieved from Authored by Car Guide PH staff.

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